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Prez Sez

Ian Stephen


While Lance rode to victory on the Champs-Elysées, heroes of another kind were riding to victory in Kamloops at the conclusion of our Rocky Mountain 1200.

If you were unable to ride or volunteer for this event, you missed an awe-inspiring journey. I had the privilege of working at the Jasper and Golden controls and as luck would have it, got to drive the sweep van from Golden on.

The rewards for volunteering were many and varied. I got to meet riders from other parts of Canada and from Austria, Germany, Denmark, Italy, England, and USA. There were many fun moments such as Winfried's delight over an ice-cream cone in Sicamous "In Germany, four dollars for so much ice!"

For gear-heads the event was a thing of wonder! There was every manner of carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium, and steel. A half dozen or so recumbents, each so unique that the police pulled it over in Kamloops! Several tandems, two fixed-gears (they both finished!). The range of lighting systems and accessories seemed never ending. There were things I had heard of but never seen before and things I never heard of but want now!

The scenery was incredible and left me with a renewed desire to ride the event, as did watching Vancouver's Michelle Richard ride the climb up to Roger's pass. Heck, if it's that easy...!

On top of all that volunteers got great free food and a mat on the floor to sleep on...when there was time.

Consider volunteering for the next Rocky Mountain in 2004. We'll need at least one more volunteer for that one 'cause I'm going to be riding it!