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Top Ten Reasons I Returned to Randonneur Cycling

Gary Fraser


10. My 8 year suspension for testing positive after the 1994 400K finally came to an end.

9. I missed the warm, introspective conversations with Keith and Ted as we used to casually peddle the back roads of the Fraser Valley.

8. My new crew (mega-bucks lawyers Tony Crossman, Alistair Wade, Jerome Marburg, and Oleh Ilnycky - collectively the "Wheels of Justice") are paying me $1,300 per ride.

7. I need the UCI points.

6. Keith's promise that a new road has been constructed which by-passes Woodside Hill.

5. The new B.C. rando rule allowing those riders 45 years and older to use small electrical motors to supplement pedal power.

4. I'm able to eat bananas again.

3. Fond memories of the Marysville main drag on a Saturday night.

2. The prize money… the glory… the sponsorship opportunities.

and the number one reason I'm back in the saddle: I heard that Harold finally gave up toe-clips and I had to see this astonishing turn of events for myself.