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Cateye HL-EL100

Harold Bridge


Have I got the first one? Today, Apr 5, I picked up what I believe to be the first one around here from PoCo Caps. I first read about it in CYCLING PLUS (from UK) back in October and have been bugging Norco and Caps since. It is claimed to give 200 hours off one set of 4xAA batteries; 20 hours at headlamp level and a further 180 hours as a "safety light".

It weighs 142 grams (5oz) and is 100 mm (4") long. The nice thing is that the design is only slightly wider than the CATEYE Micro Halogen and mounts on the same bracket. Glen at PoCo Caps gave me a deal at $39.95 as he says it's FRP is $49.95.

There is one down side; the case is a white plastic so that the light shows through. I find any stray light aimed at me to be distracting so I will have to shield it with some black tape.

Now, roll on the long events!? I will report back when I have had the opportunity to try it out.