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Shoe Sale

Harold Bridge


I have a pair of Carnac "Carlit" black "look-like-real-shoes" type cycling shoes for sale, size 43. They are almost totally unused. I bought 2 pairs last year, a pair size 44 for Bob Bose and a pair of size 43 for me. Bob is delighted with his, I am not with mine.

In 1993 I bought a pair of size 43 and wore them quite happily right from the start. Recently the sole of one has split and they are looking worn. I ordered some the same size only to find Carnac have; a) reduced the width of the sole, and b) reduced the amount of material in the uppers making them too tight for me to wear. My attempts to get them strectched came to nought when the cobbler informed me they are not made of natural leather and he would only split them.

Today (March 27), I took delivery of a decent pair of British (Reynolds of Northampton) real leather cycling shoes, size 8 1/2. they fit beautifully.

Anyone with size 43 feet still using toe clips? Harold Bridge (604-941-3448)