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Harold Bridge


Despite the ominous conditions, things weren't too bad for the Pacific Populaire and those who braved the conditions were rewarded with a fairly good day. Among them were: Dave Kirsop; Making a return after about 14 years. In that time he had family and professional considerations to detract him. Gary Fraser; last seen in, I think, 1994 when he wrote an hilarious account of an inside 13 hour 400 up to Hell's Gate and back. "Team Time Trialling with the Terminator Twins" was his view of the back of his brother Keith and Ted Milner as they paced lined the whole way round that route. Ever since Keith and Ted have been known as the "Terminators". Brian Wood: rode Paris-Brest-Paris in 1991 and hadn't been seen since. He was escorting a couple who were riding his tandem. I had a particular interest in that Gitane, it used to be mine! Bought in 1972 and usually ridden with a child seat on the back. Sold it to Manfred Kuchenmuller in 1987 so Margaret and he could try out on a cheapy before investing Fort Knox into a real tandem. He in turn sold it to Brian.

Welcome back Guys!