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Ian Stephen


As the BC Randonneurs rep to the BC Cycling Coalition, I recently had the privilege of attending a Translink meeting regarding the proposed bridge across the Fraser River. Also in attendance were cycling representatives from the BCCC, VACC, BEST, Maple Ridge BAC and Cycling BC.

The plan that was presented calls for a cyclist exempt toll bridge from Maple Ridge to Langley along the 200 St alignment. A new road is to be built on acquired land to link the bridge with the Highway 15 (176 St)/Highway 1 interchange. The bridge is expected to be completed in 2007. Once the bridge is open, the Albion Ferry will no longer be supported by Translink.

Facilities for cyclists were to consist of a single 1.5 metre wide shared use sidewalk on the West side of the bridge. Cyclists present argued that this was not adequate and called for bike lanes on both sides of the bridge deck. This idea was quite vehemently opposed by Translink. Shared use sidewalks on both sides of the bridge were considered a minimum by the cyclists and did not seem to be out of the question from Translink's view. Approaches to the bridge and the impact of the bridge on routes such as Lougheed highway were also discussed. The meeting ended with a promise to keep cyclists involved as the project moves forward.

More information can be found on Translink's website at

Randonneurs can contact me on this or other issues of a BCCC nature at or by voice mail at 604-974-0991 extension 4872.