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SIR 2002 Flèche Northwest

Peter McKay


Seattle International Randonneurs announces the 2002 Flèche Northwest for April 26th through the 28th. Call your friends, put together a team and route, and join the camaraderie. On Sunday, we'll gather for a banquet brunch at Resort Semiahmoo ( in Blaine, Washington. Each team will share its experience and we'll present the team award.

Last year, six teams participated, including two from our neighbors in British Columbia. Results from 2001 are available at .

Semiahmoo was our flèche destination the last two years. If you are not familiar with the resort, it is first class, with wonderful amenities. I made particular use of the hot tub.

Team name, proposed route, team member names, addresses and entry fee are due by April 8. I would greatly appreciates receiving your proposed route in Microsoft Streets and Trips format. However, this is not mandatory. They should be sent to me at 8837 32nd Avenue SW, Seattle, Washington 98126-3722 USA (telephone 206 932 6702). The fee is $30 per team. The banquet buffet is $19 per adult and $11 per child.

Beginning this year, Audax Club Parisien has made some rule changes. In addition, the restriction on advertising placed on clothing and helmets, etc. was withdrawn.
a.. Each stop, with or without the support car, shall not be longer than 2 hours.
b.. A following team car is forbidden, but it is possible for it to meet the team at control points along the route.
Basically, the first change prevents stops lasting more than 2 hours. Therefore, the ACP doesn't want people to take long sleep breaks during or at the beginning of the event. Their rationale for this change is to try to ride in the spirit of old Velocio who rambled far and wide without much, if any sleep (and no support).

The second change is significant. In the past, a support vehicle could meet the team only 2 or 3 points maximum along route. Now, a support vehicle may meet the team at any and all controls.

More information on this event can be found at our website: . If you have any questions, please let me know. If you are interested and wish assistance forming a team, let me know. I hope you'll join us!