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Ian Stephen


As I write this I can think of any number of things to 'talk' about, but in each case I would be telling someone else's news. That is a sign of a healthy club. The involvement of the members makes light work of the many things required to keep our sport alive. Because of the importance of communication in a club as widespread as ours, I will touch on a few things that are new, improved or just plain exciting in the area of club communications. May those whose news I am telling forgive me.

We are experimenting with a move away from our traditional schedule brochure. There have been some growing pains involved with this step, but the end result should be a more efficient use of communication/marketing/volunteer resources. Those of you who have missed the printed schedule in the early part of this year can be assured that you will be better looked after in the latter half of the season and in years to follow.

The new approach is made possible through the almost universal use of the Internet and the growth of the club web site. Webmaster Eric Fergusson has made amazing progress and continues to bring innovation and greater utility to the site. Results and even photos of club events are appearing on the site with a speed that makes me wonder "Don't these people have lives?". If you haven't browsed recently, go have a look at the new features!

Another tool that has been hovering in the background and that I hope will soon be put to greater use is the BC Randonneur e-mail list. We have Mike Poplawski to thank for creating and promoting the list. These lists can be very useful and no, you will not receive a ton of junk mail if you subscribe! Check it out at

Thanks to Editor Susan Allen, the newsletter is a familiar vehicle for information, discussion and story telling. Only recently I found how far-reaching the impact of the newsletter could be. I was checking the address of a bike shop. On entering the shop name in Yahoo, I was delighted to see that a BC Randonneur newsletter article containing the shop's name came up fifth in the search results! This sort of thing adds value for the club and the club's friends!

See you on the road! (and maybe we can have a good old-fashion talk!)