2004 Results

Rocky Mountain 1200

Rocky Mountain 1200
Finishers' Pin - 2004

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Design by Michel Richard & Karen Smith
(Based on a design by Thomas Schelesny)

There's an interesting footnote to this pin. It's modeled on a Cycling BC logo design by Thomas Schelesny, which was adapted to become the randonneur pin image in 1994. (Sample: the 300 km pin from 1994) It has been associated with the Rocky Mt. 1200 for some time also. It was the image on the back of one of the early Rocky Mt. 1200 jersey's, and was used on the RM volunteer tee-shirt in 2002. Notice how the new pin incorporates the setting sun modif from the BC provincial flag, the motif that has been the so central to our club jersey design - the "bumble bee" jersey - since 1991. (See: BCR clothing history page)