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Paris Brest Paris - 1995 (#13)
Plaquette by Audax Club Parisien
(76 pages - 35 photos)

The 1995 plaquette marked a return to the homemade feel of the booklets from before the lavish 1991 centenary issue. The photogaphs in particular were far from the standard of the ones from four years earlier. A favourite of mine (because it's so silly) is the photo on page 13 - a montage featuring the 1st woman finisher, Brigitte Kerlouet, pasted unconvincingly into the middle of a photo of the co-first finishing men.

Brigitte Kerlouet's performance (in the company of her "ensemble": Luc, Didier, & Loïc), was certainly remarkable, and was the story of the event. Her time of 44:14 clipped 10h26 off Susan Notorangelo 1987 record.

Another milestone, in 1995, was the appearance of non-French text in the plaquette . Randonneur Mondiaux President Jennifer Wise's address appears in English as well as French.
[Eric F - June 2011]

 PBP '95 - Vital Statistics:

Participants (Starters): 2860
Women Finishers:
130 (5.5 %)
Attrition Rate:
16.9 %
1st Solo Men:
Scott Dickson, Hervé Talabardon, François Thoraval, Louis Coail, Louis Ponzi, Bertrand Lavelot, Hervé Le Du, Albe Guisasola Usandizaga, & Dennis John Hearst (43:20)
1st Solo Woman:
Bridgitte Kerlout (44:14) 12th overall
1st Tandem:
Alain Picard / Mari-Hélène Picard (61:18) 218th overall
1st Mixed Tandem: (same:
Picard / Picard)

A selection of Photos from the 1995 Plaquette (photos that benefit from enlargement)
can be found in the PBP Photos Section elsewhere on this site.

The 1995 Plaquette:
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