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Dave King on the Cascade 1400
Photo: Eric Larsen

Cascade 1400 - Results Etc.
by Eric Fergusson

The Cascade 1200 (this year 1400) is a favourite for BC Randonneur riders. This year again there were multiple BC participants: Rick den Braber (Mr. Iron Butt in waiting), Barry Chase, Étienne Hossack, Dave King and Paul van Wersch. All finished except Barry - Barry has completed the event 3 times, but couldn't manage it this time.

As usual there isn't a coherant official results list, so I did a version myself using the rider tracker data: 2022 Cascade 1400 Results

So far there are 2 ride stories/reports. One is by endurance cycling ledgend Del Scharffenberg who completed the ride for the ninth time at the age of 76. The other report comes from our own Étienne Hossack which comes with an extencive set of excellent photos. Both reports are on the coming pages.


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August 17, 2022