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April (Non) Permanent
by Karen Smith

When I did my last Permanent, in March, I was on my 11th month for my BC12.
I know I won’t get credit for riding in April, but I had to ride 200 for myself to complete the 12 months. So I rode 200 km on Sunday.
I didn’t do my regular Permanent route, because I felt that it would take me “too far out of my neighbourhood”.
The furthest I was from my house was 40 km. I never did the same road in the same direction more than once. : )
I rode up to Chilliwack Lake (Michel came with me for that stretch, so he did 80 k with me), then out near the Sumas border, then back home, then through Greendale and finally out to the Annis overpass and back.
201 km
10 hrs 18 minutes

I had to do it for me…


May 8, 2020