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Ross Nichol - second from right

Alpi 4000
Ride dates: July 10-12, 2018
by Roz Scarnell (Ross Nichol's wife)

Hi Eric,
Ross just sent me these two photos from the Col D’Iseran, approx 600km from the start of the Alpi4000, another 900 to go! He is now the sole club member after Bob K and Stephen H had to cancel.
Anyway, here they are in case you want to post them on the web site.

I have seen photos of two guys from Seattle Randonneurs on the Alpi4000 facebook page, but don't know who they or if there are any other Canadians doing the ride! The Alpi 4000 facebook page has some great photos on it!

Have a good summer Eric,

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July 25, 2018