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Whidbey Wanderer 600
Organizer's Report
Ride date: June 2-3, 2018
by Nigel Press

20 riders day of and 2 pre-rode, not a bad turn out for such a challenging ride.
3yrs ago was the last time this route was run allowing randonesia to nearly wipe out all memories of all the short steep hills on the first day for those that have ridden on Widbey Island in the past. Riders for whom it was their first time were a bit shocked as the total elevation gain and profile are misleading. Most comments from riders at the Overnight control were along the lines of "boy I forgot", "this route is mean" and "my legs are dead".
Day one was much nicer than forecasted, lots of sun with mostly tail winds reported.
Day two was also better than forecasted with only a little rain and tail winds for the riders finishing in the late morning and afternoon.
Later finishers unfortunately were stuck in a system and got pretty wet.
I chose to run The Whidbey Wanderer as it best reflects terrain riders will encounter during PBP next year.
So for all that have plans on PBP and have finished this Brevet you are now well prepared.
Congratulations to all finishers especially Russel Ogden and Kyle Oxborough on completing their first 600km Brevet!

Dunbar finish
Photo: Sandy Stedman

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June 5, 2018