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Introducing the Randy Benz Award for the Flèche Pacifique
by John Oswald

After consulting the membership via the club website and email in April 2018, the RC Randonneurs Executive Committee has voted to approve a new club award just in time for the 2018 Flèche Pacifique. The award will be named for longtime club member Randy Benz and will recognize the successful Flèche or Trace team with the most vertical ascent.

Completed Flèche and Trace routes will be analyzed by the Flèche Pacifique organizer(s) using Ride with GPS. There was feedback from members and discussion amongst the executive about the limitations of RwGPS' measurement of vertical ascent. While the club executive recognizes the application is not perfect, all routes will be analyzed by the volunteer organizer using the same tool so it is believed all teams will be subject to a similar margin of error. The executive reserves the right to allow future Flèche Pacifique event organizers to change the analysis software in consultation with the executive.

The Particulars
1. Award winners must complete their Flèche or Trace according to the club and ACP rules.
2. The team whose completed route includes the most vertical ascent will be declared the winner of the award.
3. In the event of a tie, the team with a shorter route distance will be declared the winner. (For the purposes of this award a tie is considered +/- 50m.)

The club executive thanks all members who provided feedback through the form, through emails and in person and we look forward to seeing you on the road. Good luck, fair skies and tailwinds to all teams taking part in the 2018 event.



May 4, 2018