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PBP 2015 - les Récidivists
by EF

A number of people had asked if I was planning to update the "les Récidivistes" list for 2015 on our Paris Brest Paris web site. What everyone was thinking was that our own Deirdre Arscott was going to be one of two women at the top of the woman's list, each with eight completed PBPs to their credit. The problem was that this is a complex Excel file. It had been provided to me by Alain Collongues in France, who was in charge of the PBP rider data for Audax Club Parisien until 2015. I did have the 2015 results data from the PBP web site, but didn't have the Excel skills to generate the big récidivistes file with the 2015 data.

Ron Stewart heard my admission of Excel deficiencies and came to the rescue. In an astonishingly short time, around 24 hours I think, Ron had the completed file in my in box. It was not the only time Ron has helped me out with tricky Excel problems. Thank you Ron! It's just one of the reasons that Ron was awarded the Roger Street Award for exceptional club service at the recent spring social.

Here are the links:

le récidivistes 1931-2015 (all riders)

le récidivistes 1931-2015 (women)


March 30, 2018