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Judy Morrison and Karen Smith at the PBP 1991 Prologue
(Screen Capture from ACP Video)

PBP Official Video from 1991 Now On YouTube

1991 was PBP's centenary year. There was world wide enthusiasm, and a big bump in ridership - it was one big party. In December 2017 French rider Jean-Francois Mermet uploaded the official ACP video from the event to YouTube. Shortly after this he contacted me suggesting that I put a link in our PBP Video Archive in the PBP section of the web site. Merci Jean-Francois! Here is the direct link to the video:

Paris Brest Paris Centenary Video - 1991
Official ACP Video on YouTube (20:31)

We see a surprising number of British Columbia riders in this video. I've included a sampling of screen captured images here. In some images BC riders are easy to identify (above). In other cases we see just the jerseys, or we see more of the riders but they are difficult to identify.

Ged McLean in the "bumble bee" BC jersey at PBP prologue.
This has got to be Manfred Kuchenmuller. This was his 1st of 6 PBP far.
Dave Cambon in the BC jersey on left.



January 16, 2018