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Ron Himschoot on the Cascade 1200
(Photographer not identified)

BC Randonneurs at the Cascade 1200
by Eric Fergusson

Ken Bonner, Ron Himschoot, Bob Koen and Keith Nichol were among the 77 starters riding the Cascade 1200 - actually 1245 km. Our friend Yutaka Moriwaki from Japan, and Noel Howes and Ken Knutson, who completed Vancouver Island Hell Week in April, were also on the starters list.

All seven riders finished.

 67:30  Ken Bonner
 84:02  Yutaka Moriwaki
 85:19  Keith Nichol
 86:06  Noel Howes
 86:21  Ken Knutson
 89:09  Ron Himschoot
 89:09  Bob Koen

Congratulation all ! There was only a 6 % attrition rate. If the weather was anything like in Vancouver during the ride, then perhaps riders benefited from cooler temperatures this year.

Congratulation to Ken who has completed all four Cascade 1200s. He was second finisher.

Complete Results (on BC Randonneurs site)
Official Results (on event blog)

There's some beautiful scenery on this route. Keith Nichol had his camera out for the ride and so did Greg Courney from Iowa who rode with Keith. Here are their photo links:
Keith's flick
r & Greg's Picasa.


Ride Dates: June 26-30, 2010

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June 27, 2010