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Eureka 1000
by Ken Bonner

The second of Diablo’s Triple 1000’s (Eureka 1000) is now behind us. More off and on drizzly rain, more hills (only about 33,000 feet this time) but no bears. Although on the way to Gold River, a driver warned me about one on the side of the road, but it was gone by the time I arrived.

Yutaka and I rode together on and off the first day. Most of the way back from Gold River, we had light head winds, and more drizzle on the second day. The last, short mileage day, was relatively pleasant, more wind, no rain, but some very dark clouds until Victoria where blue skies prevailed.

My ride was almost over, twice within the first 50k. I had just descended a fast downhill in the dark and drizzle, and was climbing up Tunnel Hill, when there was a great crashing from the rear wheel. Fortunately I was going quite slowly. The tire pump had fallen off and was banging against the spokes. Very fortunate that this did not happen when I was descending at 60 kph!!

Coming up out of Mill Bay, another crunching sound from the rear. What now? I am stuck in the smaller chain ring (not the granny) and the smallest cog. Right side cable seemed o.k., so maybe the rear STI? Anyway, nothing open for hours, so it’s either quit or struggle on up the many hills until Nanaimo or Parksville. I have discovered that I can climb a 5% gear with the small-small combination, but just about blew up my knees until I got to Chemainus Rd, and remembered. Remembered that Al Bergman crossed the rear derailleur cable to the LEFT side of the down tube. As soon as I pulled the cable it pulled out. Now I have a loose cable. It is cold, raining and barely light. I haven’t even woken up properly yet. I recall a ’fix’ that has something to do with pushing the derailleur over to a useable gear and then tightening the cable against the frame. It works!

So, I caught up to Yutaka at Chemainus, and we rode the next almost 120k together with my two chain-ring gears. Climbing hills fairly easily and spinning out fairly quickly. The Parksville bike store had just opened when I arrived. The young mechanic assured me I would be on my way in minutes. Well, how about 120 minutes! The head of the cable was jammed in the STI! However, due to this young fellow’s determination he was successful eventually and I had my full range of gears back again, so I could enjoy the continued ride in the drizzle!

It has been nice to get some sleep on these rides. 4 ½ hours at Gold River after 400k; and 6 ½ hours at Duncan after another 400k. Made for an easy 200 to the finish, stopping at coffee shops at Cowichan Bay and Shawnigan Lake. Hope to ride a ‘one-sleep’ Hare & Tortoise 1000, but I’ve never done that after riding two back-to-back 1000. So, we will see!

Yutaka Moriwaki --- 63h 23m
Ken Bonner -- 63h 45m


June 13, 2010