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Stelvio Pass, 1956

On the Wrong Side of the Road
by Harold Bridge

Despite living in Canada 45 years, about 35 of them as a Synthetic Canadian, I find I am still a Brit. I came this conclusion as a result of reading Steve Mahovlic's "Priceless" story about his DNF in the 2010 Vancisle 600. I was puzzled by his night in Ucluete , 40 kms beyond the Tofino turnaround. I went to the 600 route sheet to check why and found it to be one of those incomplete route details in that it doesn't include a direction column.

I know Stephen Hinde considers a direction column a waste of space on the Island due to the winding nature of the lesser roads. Nonetheless, at the point of turning a corner I need to visualize which way I am going and a direction column helps in this.

Why do I need this aid when most people seem to manage without it?

Apart from earlier trips, while living in UK, to the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man, (overseas but not foreign), my first tour to the Alps and Dolomites was in 1956. Starting off on the second day had me riding quite happily in to face of oncoming traffic! After a couple of trips to Europe I converted to the wrong side of the road seemingly without difficulty.

But, for me when in North America, I guess I am always riding on the wrong side of the road and that creates this need for a direction column.



June 4, 2010