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Chilliwack - Crescent Reverse
Permanent #39 Report
by Rick den Braber

It started out the same... dark.The roads were still wet but the day was promising to be a nice one. The time at the first control was the same as my previous ride. By the time I arrived at the second control I had 25 minutes on my previous ride. This trend continued through the ride with 41 minutes at Crescent and than I forgot to eat eat eat !!!! and everything I tried to put down was not the right thing and I got to Abby airport with a mere 20 minutes on my previous ride.I bonked a wee bit before the airport. A headwind and a fuel stop at Birchwood dairy added to my time but I felt rejuvenated by the time I had to tackle Majuba hill. The weather was spectacular, the herons put in an appearance at one point on the Sumas prairie. View of the ride was going down Graham Cres into Glen Valley a dangerously fast hill in summer but with frost on the edge of the road and gravel across the middle it was a brake wearing adventure. Add to that the fog bank that you were riding down into and it was like a descent into a lost world. A final thrill of the ride was the fly past of some species of owl pure white top and bottom. Now that just made it all the more worth while. I've never seen one of those before Vern...

Ride date: January 16, 2010
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January 18, 2010