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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Oft Go Gang a Glay.....
(Or Somthing)
by Harold Bridge

Did you ever see that John Cleese Movie; "Clockwise"?. He is a super efficient head master of a British School who has earned an honour & has to plan a speech for his acceptance of an award. Anyway, all his planning comes to nought due to a series of misadventures worthy of Basil Fawlty.

I'm like that. However, I can't take all the blame. At 3.4 kms into an event everyone's computer should be showing something close to 3.4kms. Assuming that is, that the computers have been zeroed before the start. On the approach, when going south on 232nd St, there is a clearly marked left turn lane.

72nd Ave (east) got in the way of the construction of the Rte 1 freeway & thus has an "S" bend that causes it to tee with 232nd St somewhat north of the surveyed line for 72nd Av. South of the Rte 1 O/P 72nd Av (west) has a similar situation. Perhaps I should have added a note "Do Not X Rte #1 O/P". But randonneurs shouldn't need molly coddling.

As a one time draughting checker I know it is much easier to spot others' mistakes than your own & I should get someone to check my routes before they are published. I suppose if (when?) I get used to Exel things might improve.

It has been suggested that we don't need both a "TURN" and a "DIRECTION" column on the route sheet. But I find it useful to help sort out problems. If, when going east & directions tell you to turn Left- South you should be able to figure which is right.


August 25, 2008