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Cross Canada Records
by Harold Bridge

Harold saw some discussion list banter about Jure Robic's recent RAAM victory and offered these words on transcontinental record runs in Canada.

The story of Jure Robic brings to mind similar activity here in Canada.
The Trans Canada record route has Halifax & Vancouver as its terminals.
A continental map shows that Trans Can is close to a 1,000 miles (1600kms) longer than the RAAM distance
In 1947 Calgary's Fred Anderson set the record at either 30 or 27 days, I have heard both times refered to.
In 1957 British emigrant, the late John Hathaway, after a sojourn back in UK, returned to Vancouver via an unsupported ride of
24 days 13 hours. He had landed at Quebec City, & ridden back to Halifax to familiarise himself with the route, albeit backwards. His record lasted 20 years.
In 1977 Richmand's Wayne Phillips got across in 19 days, 22 hours 57 minutes.
It set him to wondering what he could do with support. In 1982 he found out.
But by then the Milners, Ted & his brother Gerry, had set a tandem record in 1981 of 15d 15h 04m.
Wayne's attack on his own record was made tougher than it needed to be because he wasn't satisfied with beating his own record, he wanted to take the Milner's record as well. He arrived Halifax after 14d 22h 47m.
In 1979 Wayne had served, with Gerry Pareja, John Hathaway & Dan McGuire as the nucleus of the BC Randonneurs, all qualifying for and completeing PBP that year.
In 1984 he attempted RAAM with support from Dan McGuire. But he was outside time limit halfway across.
He tried again in 1985. But unable to raise support, he wanted to demonstrate support was only to increase overall speed.
Somewhere in New Mexico he was found at the side of the highway, well away from the road on a wide shoulder.
He had tyre marks up his back & over his helmet. He is now a wheelchair athele.
Thus RAAM rules now forbid unupported entrants.
If I have anything wrong I am sure I will hear from Henry Hulbert who, along with Louis Bernhardt, took turns driving the
motorhome or riding the spare bike at least 30 metres back of Wayne during his 1982 record.

[A little later...] Eric, The bit I forgot: the current record is 13 days & some.
In 2003 I corresponded with some guy in Ontario & advised on route out of Vancouver.
I gave him a cheer at the Pitt River Bridge.
But he didn't get too far, the heat was too much & despite re-scheduling to ride at night he had to give up.

[A little later, from Ted Milner...] On another note, Wayne Phillips Trans-Canada record was broken at least twice in the 1980's, although I'm not aware of any record attempts since then. I don't know what the record is now, but I think that it is something like 13 days 8 hours.


June 20, 2008