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Interior 600 Report
by Richard Blair

Richard's report was actually a casual e mail message to the rides who took part in the 600. Also see Bob Boonstra's ride report - next up.

[Note to Bob Goodison] Thanks for putting the ride together and don't worry about the extra kilometres. After all, we do this for the riding and the more the better.

First, I want to reflect on the three out of 13 riders who did not complete the ride which was challenging the first time we rode it some 10 or more years ago and seemed even harder this time around. Maybe those damned hills are still rising. Tracy Barill left his control card and credit cards behind in Vernon discovering his omission somewhere between the top of the Monashee pass and the Needles Fauquier ferry, an omission which I think can be put down simply to "memory lapse" or "an early senior's moment", a malady which occurs to me all too often; Mike Eder called it a day at the 250km mark, just north of the Galena/Shelter Bay ferry and his nonfinish resulted from "an overtaxed knee joint" concluding it was best to quit and rest up for the RM1200. Ryan Kurz stopped for several reasons. First, he decided that he preferred to spend Father's Day at home with his family after reaching Sorrento and home at 21:36 after pushing his pedals for 431km. I was sorry to hear that Ryan had stopped, but cannot think of a better justification than to be with his family. His other reason for ending the ride, I gather, was that he decided that he preferred to continue his bicycle racing rather than doing the rando riding. His nonfinish means of course that he will not be riding the RM1200. He is a strong, competitve rider and hopefully one day he will come back to our sport. Clearly at this time in his life, he is still possessed of too many brain cells to have an interest in this bizarre activity called randonneuring.

The rest of the times are as follows: Ken Bonner and Bob Goodison at 26:11; Doug Fox, Graham Fishlock, Ross Nichol and Randy Benz all at 34:15; Ian Fillinger at 34:50; and acting as sweeps on the course were Bob Boonstra, Deirdre Arscott and Richard Blair at a leisurely 38:19 hours. Cheers, Richard

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June 16, 2008