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DNF - Time to Retire the Concept
by Harold Bridge

Kevin Buce is attempting to reverse the trend for randonnees to become time trials, either individual or team.
It is a good notion, I think.
Kevin has decided to ride no faster than necessary. What is necessry?
It is just as impractical to start at the speed one intends to maintain for the whole event, as it is to start like a rocket.
One rides faster and easier when one is fresh, just don't go mad ( from the expert on that subject!).
His tyre troubles are just one example of the reasons for getting "some ks in the bag".
I agree that with 9 or 10 sprockets at back, 3 rings at the front of the drive should be an unecessary complication.
But a second ring does reduce the chain delflection & cut down the steps between gears.
There are few chain sets with a really small second ring. (TA make one with 44/29)
11 teeth ont' sprocket is very small and a 99 inch gear is more than big enough, especially for someone aiming to be at the touring end of the randonnee sprectrum.
I find 47x14 (88") plenty big enough. The "fast" bike has a top of 48x14. But then, I learnt to pedal a 60" fixed at the age of 8.
KB is very sensitive about "DNF". There is no stigma attached to it, it is a fact of life.
I will prohibit the use of "D for Dead". Now that is something I am sensitive about!
Tabulating all the reasons for DNF is better served by the event's account explaining the facts
But if we are to have a list of abbreviations of reasons/excuses than why not "BTDT" for "Been There Done That?".
Can a hockey game be an excuse for DNF? Are Bealivue, LeFleur, et al, still playing then? ( I would include Cornyeur if I knew how to spell it).
Tyres are very important and worth spending money on. But often, repeated flat tyres are often dur to bad mounting practices.
(Also, make sure your brakes blocks contact the rims, not the tyres, again,that from the expert).
Whatever, Kevin has done his duty in reporting ont' the Hell's Gate 400.
Reporting our events is just one of the responsibilities of being a member of a Club.


June 7, 2008