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The Vertical Component
by Harold Bridge

Now that GPS is almost standard Rando equipment, is it time to consider adding an Altitude award to the Fleche? Audax UK have something on those lines & have had for several years.

The Bisaro was won this year with 510 kms. Second was 470.

But the 510, 90% of intended, was on a route designed to be fairly unhilly.

The 470 was from Salmon Arm thu the Okanagon to Princeton, over Sunday Summit & Alison Pass & on to Hope & thus HHS. Definitely hilly.

The BC Lung trophy is awarded on a rather vague & complex set of rules & there is seldom, if ever, more than one team to qualify. Is it within our power to revise the BC Lung to become an altitude trophy? Of course, there still has to be a calculation to relate vertical metres to horizontal kilometres.


May 8, 2008