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Ken's notes from his pre-rides of the Eau de Hell week routes...


I’ve just completed the pre-rides of the Eau de Hell brevets. Here are some notes for those who are planning to ride one or more of these brevets:

Tour de Cowichan 200k -- no changes. Wo-Manned controls. Usual rain around Lake Cowichan.

Alive Are the Hills 300k

* manned control at Shawnigan Lake (thanks to Dave Macmurchie!) plus two cafés and a Subway
* new intersection just before turning left to the Langford Petro Can Control – go straight on; also, turn left towards the Petro Can station from the right lane that goes into a shopping plaza
* remember to turn left at the all-way stop sign on Millstream Lake Rd. (do not go up hill)
* Royal Oak Plaza off West Saanich Rd (224.6k - control) has a very high edge when turning into the driveway – treat it like you would angled railway tracks
* the hills are still alive

Lost But Not Forgotten 400k

* Traveling south, north of Nanaimo on Hwy 19A, the traffic is heavy and the side-lane strewn with gravel; when wet, heavy spray from passing traffic makes it difficult to see. An official optional bike pathway route (E&N Bike Path) will be made available in addition to the regular route. The bike pathway is the same distance and parallels the highway – you will love it … about 3 metres (10 feet) wide, smooth pavement hardly anyone using it. Also eliminates two traffic lights. The Hell’s Angels Club house is on this route, but the RCMP have seized it so I could not enquire into using it as a control (This IS Eau de Hell Week after all! :-) )
* New Information Controls in addition to the ones we had last year (bring your pen): at the hemainus roundabout at the 217k mark (Knock on Alex’ Room at the Best Western to see if anyone is home – just kidding!) and, at the 392k mark.
* Last year several folks became lost in the dark – when on the Koksilah road after crossing the bridge, DO NOT follow the white fog line, it will veer to the right taking you onto Lakeside Rd. which is not where you want to go!
* Also, be careful to make the sharp right turn onto Cobble Hill Rd (to go to Mill Bay) when traveling north on the Shawnigan Lake Rd.

Ride for Gold 600

* New information control at 14.4 k in North Cowichan
* I will transport riders’ small drop bags to the Gold River Control – bring your own towel & soap. I’ll have some cookies, peanut butter, jam, instant hot chocolate
* Control Room is #207 at Gold River Chalet (turnaround point)
* Deli within 100 metres is open until about 10 pm
* A variation of the north Nanaimo E&N Bike Pathway will be available and an official option. If this works to riders’ satisfaction, I will change these routes to have only the Bike Pathway option in the future.


* It is Spring – anything can happen weather-wise – maybe even a whole week of warm sunshine and favourable winds!
* 7 am temperatures varied from -2C to 5C, mostly warming up to 8C with very short bursts of 11-12C
* One day on the pre-ride there was a 60% chance of showers – it rained heavily just before the start and just after I finished, but not during the ride
* On the other hand, there was a 60% chance of showers for a different brevet – and it rained solidly for 3 hours. I guess I haven’t figured out the weatherperson’s lingo yet!

Dancing Bean Café

* Registration starts at 6 am inside the Dancing Bean

* Start/finish for the 200k (Special early opening just for the Tour de Cowichan 200k folks)
* Start-line for the 300, 400 & 600 (not open for the start of these brevets)


* Registration for the 300, 400 & 600 is at the Subway in Chemainus (on Chemainus Road opposite the train station)
* Registration opens at 6 am; Subway opens at 6:30 am – a mature, chatty lady, (Margaret) is on duty at the Subway during the start of the 400 & 600

The devil is in the details!

See you Saturday! …. Ken

Ken Bonner


April 9, 2008