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"Be Careful Out There"
Victoria New Years Populaire Report
(and tell-all gossip column)

by Ken Bonner

At the New Year’s Day Populaire in Victoria today, background information related to Ray’s unfortunate interface with the pavement (see below) was obtained. Ray doesn’t want this spread around, but he is working in his workshop on a new randonneur ‘face-plant’ protector. He has been using James Bay rats (being a randonneur, he can’t afford lab rats) on tiny rando-bicycles. When they are riding fast, he pokes an old spoke into the front wheel and watches what happens!! The face-plant protector seemed to be working well for the James Bay rats, so he made one for himself and tried it out. His story summarizes the result. [editor's note: Ray crashed]

Back to the drawing-board - he thinks that maybe just putting the rat-sized face-protector on his nose was not sufficient - he is now looking at one that covers the nose AND the chin - we hope his next real life trial is not so disastrous!!

Also, the emergency surgery he experienced did not go entirely smoothly. Being short-staffed over the holidays, the local hospital brought in some geriatric surgeons. Apparently the one who worked on Ray was having vision problems and on the 1st go-around, Ray’s lips were sewn together. Fortunately, spouse, Amanda, noticed that Ray was not his usual garrulous self and the other slit on his chin was sealed. Ray has also forsaken using the term, my lips are sealed.

The Victoria New Year’s Day Populaire was a resounding success - the best weather for several years with an overwhelming number of enthusiastic randonneurs out for this classic ride. Apparently our one and only vintage Harold deemed that the weather was too good and so postponed his ride until New Year’s Day 2009 when Ray promised the weather will be really, really, REALLY bad, just to keep Harold happy.

This reporter also discovered from the mouth of Bob Koen himself, that contrary to popular belief he is a proud Vancouver-ite, not a Kamloopian. Most of us know of course, that although we will honour Bob’s declaration, he really is a secret Kamloopian.

Dave Macmurchie was hustled out of the Pub at the start, to ensure he did not embarrass the organizer by collapsing inside - not from drinking too much coffee, but from the bump on the head he received last summer.

Patrick Wright was looking like less than ½ the man he usually is -- only a single bike, and no Jenny!! It is not true that Jenny has substituted her mother for Patrick on the tandem.

Expectant father, Mike Croy also showed up with a cell-phone glued to his ear … the baby is due any moment. For those folks who gave him advice about granny and compact cranks - Mike is leaning towards compact cranks.

Well that’s all the sort of true gossip for now … HAPPY NEW YEAR!! …. Ken

p.s. One final tidbit - there is a rumour that our effervescent BC Randonneur Cycling Club web-master and veteran randonneur, Eric F. Armstrong, has been absent from the rando-scene recently. We all know what that means - a face-lift! So, don’t be surprised when you see Lance Armstrong riding next to you in the early brevets this year… it will be Eric!! Sorry Eric - I couldn’t resist telling all.


January 2, 2008