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This wasn't really intended to be a newsletter submission. It's an excerpt from a message I received from Ken a few days ago. The CLC 1200 was September 13-16... Ken's 4th 1200 this year. There were 33 starters, 27 finishers. Full results on Rocky Mountain Cycling Club's web site: 2006 CLC Results. [EF]

Colorado Last Chance 1200 Report
by Ken Bonner

Last Chance -- Another interesting ride. Everyone seemed to have a need to hammer out to the 1st drop bag control (400k), perhaps because of the unusual tail-wind (23 mph, instead of the usual 8 mph on the bike). At the turnaround, the fast recumbent (Larry Graham from Ohio on a recumbent who had ridden a 22 1/2 hour 600k in the past year, but was riding his 1st 1200)was 2 1/2 hours ahead of me; and Tim Bol (about 34 years old,from Florida) was about 1/2 hour ahead.

About 20 miles from the 800 k bag-drop control on the return, I passed Larry ... he was suffering and could only manage about 5 mph on the flats. Caught up to Tim Bol at the 800k bag drop; and because of the now high, battering winds and night coming up again, we decided that misery likes company and decided to ride together for the rest of the ride. He is a very nice guy and a strong rider. We could not work together because the wind was banging us all over the road, but at least we could try to talk to each other from time to time over the howling of the wind.

Dust was blowing off the fields of Kansas ... which was not too pleasant for breathing. God knows what is in the dust .. pesticides, manure, fungii, etc.!!

At night, the sky was brilliant with sparkling stars and a harvest moon. Very beautiful, but it did not prevent us from getting tired and lying down on the road for a short nap ... this is literally on the road, as there is no place to lie down on the side of the road.

Slept at Byers, Co. with 100 miles to go. When we left about 3:30 am, there was just a slight tail wind. However, within a few hours we were once again fighting buffeting head and side-winds.

If it had not been for the strong winds, Tim and I would have finished faster than the record of 54:49 which I set last year ... however, the wind was stronger than we were. Temperatures weren't bad ... about 48 F about 5 am and around 88 F in the daytime.

September 18, 2006