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Ron Robbed
by Eric Fergusson

After being awarded the M&M trophy at the Flèche Pacifique banquet, Ron Himschoot's "Pasty White Guys" were ask to return the trophy so that it could be awarded the "Limp Ligaments". The issue was this: the Ligaments had a 29 year old rider named Scott Simpson listed as being on the team, and this would have disqualified them for the M&M trophy because all riders must be 40 or older to meet M&M eligibility. But it turns out that Scott didn't ride. And here is where I fit into this fiasco: ride organizer Michel had asked me to check control cards before the awards portion of the banquet, presumably catch things like this. So I checked the cards, determined that Scott Simpson was a "non-qualifier"... but it didn't occur to me that this would affect the trophy results. So Don, Ron, Dave, Dottie and Charlie, a thousand apologies. But also, congratulations! to the Limp Ligaments - Tom, Bob, Paul and David - for winning the coveted M&M trophy.

Regardless of which of these teams took this award home this year, the more startling thing was that Manfred Kuchenmuller did not. Not only did Manfred establish this competition back in 1992, but his teams have won it in 8 of 14 years including all of the last three. Some people call the M&M trophy the "Manfred and More Manfred" trophy... (Be sure to click the above image.)

Photo: Susan Cady

May 17, 2006