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by Harold Bridge

It isn't for everyone but I joined C-KAP in 2003. As an elderly addition (over 55) to the program I was given 2 bonus years so I started collecting at the beginning of 2001.

I should explain: I am refering to the "Canadian Kilometre Achiever Program" run out of Ottawa, ( The BC Randonneurs earned top national club kilometres a year or 2 ago, mainly through a couple of head bangers. There are awards for 5,000, 10,000 & 25,000 kms & as a result of my 2 bonus years I earned the first 2 before I joined!

Mainly as a result of "Shore to Shore 2004" I had my first 10,000 MILE year since coming to Canada although it was a normal annual amount whan I lived "sans auto" in UK. That 16,309 kms gave me a total of 41,990 kms since the start of 2001.

During a gentle potter around Fort Langley on Oct 2nd it suddenly occured to me I could probably get my 50,000 this year. But a few days later I found there was a conflict between the data base & my diary. On checking back I found 2 bad bits of arithmetic in my diary which cost a total of 700kms. With that sorted out I found I had already passed the 50,000 km mark on October 7.

So, what incentive is there to keep riding through the rest of 2005? I had just got to 8,000 kms on Oct 7 & only needed 24kms a day for the rest of the year to get to 10,000. Now, as of Oct 12, the daily fix has come down to 21 km.

Why don't youall consider joining the head bangers?


October 12, 2005