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Keith & Ken Finish Well
at 2005 Gold Rush Randonnée 1200 km - July 19-23

by Eric Fergusson

Keith Fraser was one of four co-first finishers at the Gold Rush Randonnée (GRR) with a time of 58:26. Keith was also first finisher at the last GRR in 2001 with a similar time, 58:55.

Ken Bonner was the next rider in with a time of 63:36. This is the second 1200 completed this year by Ken. He intends to do all four American 1200s in 2005 - next up is Boston Montréal Boston, August 18-21.

GRR is hosted by the Davis Bike Club and runs through Northern California. This was the second running of the event. Riders faced some extreme heat and tough climbing. Ken noted that there wasn't nearly enough ice-cream on the route. There were 66 finishers from 87 starters, an attrition rate of 24%. There was also a 1000+200km brevet combo which 14 riders signed on for.

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July 24, 2005