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TMGGC 2005
Triple Mt Challenge
by Danelle Laidlaw

Conditions - Overcast to start, rain on Seymour - cold, clearing to Cypress, rain at the top of Cypress, clear with sunny periods at the top of Grouse

Jack started at base of Seymour, Scott finished at the base of Cypress, Manfred finished at the parking lot of Grouse, Peter didn't socialize at the top, Susan, Danelle, Jack and John partied at the top.

The climb up Seymour was cloudy, but the rain did not start until we summitted and was pretty hard on the way down. A short stop in the coffee shop at Parkgate Mall to warm up had us convinced that this was going to be the double mountain challenge. However, we got to Capilano and decided to continue on to the lookout at Cypress, and lo and behold, we just carried on to the top (well, all but Scott). Jack turned around just short of the top, but he had done most of the climbing (he is a big lad and didn't have enough food with him). We re-grouped at the Grouse Mtn parking lot - Peter had already headed up, Manfred had left for home and although Susan's arm had to be twisted, she agreed to hike the Grind. "A short time later"... we were at the top and enjoyed our beer, nachos and tapas.

Kudos to all who turned out on such an inclement day, particularly Jack who missed his ride with us to the start and still came over to the north shore to join us. Way to go, everyone.

Finishers List

June 14, 2005