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Tom circulated this gem to a few friends...

Michael Road
by Tom Hocking

A year ago, on San Juan Island, we stayed at a hostel that featured, amongst its attractions, an old gill-netter fishing boat that had been pulled onto the land and fully restored to serve as a novel
and cozy accommodation for itinerant cyclists.

Yesterday, on our ride around Cedar-Yellowpoint we can upon a Michael Rd. As we beheld the road sign we began to consider the implications of that locale. We conceived of the area as a perfect place to have a hostel similar to the one on San Juan Island. And, behind the fishing vessel, tucked into a forested glade, would be a rustic chapel where travelers could go for a moment's quiet contemplation. It all seemed so perfect. It was whilst contemplating this idyllic cyclists' retreat that we realized the mailing address of this delightful abode would be:


May 8, 2005