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BC Randonneurs Win C-KAP's Hewes Challenge Trophy
by Eric Fergusson

The news from the Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program is pretty good for BC Randonneurs. The distance registered in 2004 by the 13 BC Randonneurs enrolled in the program (based on a formula - see below) was 158,474 km, good enough to capture C-KAP's Hewes Challenge Trophy, and by the way it's the by far the biggest total ever registered in this C-KAP category.


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C-KAP 1133 Henry Berkenbos = 28,646 km C-KAP 1255 Kenneth Bonner = 22,979 km C-KAP 1209 Harold James Bridge = 16,309 km C-KAP 1249 Gary Baker = 15,191 km C-KAP 1215 Craig Premack = 13,635 km C-KAP 1247 Jennifer Douglas = 11,521 km C-KAP 730 Manfred Kuchenmuller = 10,265 km C-KAP 1119 Larry Voth = 8,705 km C-KAP 1082 Michael Poplawski = 8,490 km C-KAP 1250 Michael Rasmussen = 7,364 km C-KAP 1239 Ivan Andrews = 6,580 km C-KAP 1132 Wayne Harrington = 6,263 km C-KAP 1210 Stella Meades = 2,527 km

Henry Berkenbos won C-KAP's "Les Humphreys Canadian Olympic Goal Trophy" [highest C-KAP distance total for a Canadian man], for the third straight year in 2004. BC Randonneurs occupy five positions in the top 10 in this category. Henry also became the 33 C-KAP member to pass the 100,000 mark (and he's only been tracking distance with C-KAP for four years.)

Three of the lesser-known, more recent members of BC Randonneurs are Gary Baker, Jennifer Douglas and Michael Rasmussen. Gary Baker from Cultus Lake is one of our super rookies from last year with an event distance total of 3100 km, and RM1200 time of 77:09. Jennifer Douglas from Sardis is a rando club member on the basis of 2 late season Lower Mainland 200s. I'm afraid this is all I know about her. Michael Rasmussen from Portland rode the Lower Mainland Summer 200 last July, but is better known as the minder of his enormous personal web site - go.

C-KAP is a health and fitness initiative dating back to 1975. Members keep track of all their cycling distance in logs, striving for various distance goal levels recognized annually with the awarding of badges, medals, certificates and trophies. What follows is a synopsis of information found on the C-KAP web site:

The Hewes Challenge Trophy is awarded to the cycling club, network or group that has the highest annual C-KAP registered km. For cyclists with membership in more than one club, their distance is included in each club's total. A minimum of three members per group must participate. An average is taken, and then 2,000 km is added to each of the first 6 cyclists' totals, and 1,000 km added to the totals of the next 6 cyclists.

The Hewes Challenge was started in 1990 to honour lifetime cyclist Hugh "Bill" Shelton Hewes. The Hewes Challenge Trophy was constructed in 1996, up-dated to a 10" silver bowl on a walnut base on Bill's death July 24th, 2003 at age 92.


The C-KAP web site is somewhat eccentric in its organization, but it's well worth exploring:
And here's a direct link (...mysteriously posted in C-KAP photos albums section...) to:
The Hewes Award results page.

March 28, 2005