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BC Randonneurs Poetry Contest

Ken Bonner was musing in May 2005 that the thing we don't have, that we really really need is "a BC Randonneur poet laureate... appointed by the committee, or ...why not have a poetry contest..." Why not indeed? So we had a poetry contest. In addition to the nine current entries by five authors, two archival submissions were forwarded to contest desk (entries 2 & 3 below.)

Entries closed at the Annual General Meeting Banquet (October 2) where the winner was to be announced. The entries were uniformly excellent so it was felt that the fairest way to select the winner would be by chance. It seems that the fates had a plan for this day... At the AGM where Ken had received two major distance cycling awards (the 100,000 km lifetime trophy and the 2005 John Hathaway ["iron butt"] trophy), Ken's name was drawn as the winner of the randonneur poetry contest. Ken's single submission was sent in way back at the time when he first brought up the idea of the contest, and I think was intended just to get the ball rolling. In stark contrast to his distance achievements in marathon cycling, Ken's poem is very very short. [entry 1 below.] At the AGM we were treated to a reading by the author of his winning work. So Congratulations to Ken Bonner on being selected as BC Randonneur's Poet Laureate! [Ken's submission #12 below was written shortly after receiving his new position.]
[Eric F - October 2005]

Entry 1: Bike by Ken Bonner (May 17)

Entry 2: Address to the Bombi Summit by Jimmy Valance(May 20) [Archival]

Entry 3: Shovelling Coal by Ted Milner (May 20) [Archival]

Entry 4: a haiku by Ron Penner (May 24)

Entry 5: On Paris - Brest (a limerick) by Stella Meades (May 30)

Entry 6: On Tim's (a limerick) by Stella Meades (May 30)

Entry 7: Lochside Trail by Jaye Haworth (June 23)

Entry 8: Riding to Coupeville by Sarah Gallazin (September 8)

Entry 9: The Dog on Highway 20 by Sarah Gallazin (September 8)

Entry 10: Guilt by Sarah Gallazin (September 8)

Entry 11: Cool Couple from Coombes by Stella Meades (September 22)

Selection 12: (a randonneur nursery rhyme) By Ken Bonner (October 6)


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