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My Dinners with Michel

Eric Fergusson


Even in a population subgroup where abnormally high calorie combustion is unexceptional, Michel Richard stands out. Many will remember how he couldn't stay asleep through the night on the Rocky 12 last summer, because the night was just too long to go without a meal - he'd have to get up, eat, and then go back to sleep.

On this year's Fleche, at the Burger King in Sedro Woolley, early Saturday morning, after a long, very cold, and very wet ride in from Chilliwack, Ken and Keith and I were beginning to warm up. Not Michel though. As he plunged into the multiple-order mound on his tray, featuring Burger King's own special interpretation of "French Toast" and "Hash Browns," Michel continued to shiver. He agreed with me that there was a down side to him having zero body fat.

Later that day, warm and dry back in Harrison, we sat down for another meal. I was starved, and ate a ton, but I over-ordered fries. Fortunately Michel was there to pick up the slack and he finished off the fries. Keith and I headed back to our hotel and slept right through until it was time for the breakfast banquet on Sunday morning. At the banquet we found out that the night before, while Keith and I were sleeping, Michel had gone out for a second dinner with Karen, Stephen, and Carol. Then earlier on Sunday morning, while Keith and I were still sleeping, Michel had gotten up and gone for an early breakfast because he was unable to make it to the 9 a.m. banquet without starving. He still ate more than I did at the banquet. Species anomaly? …Certainly. Spontaneous genetic mutation? …Possibly.

Michel eating
photo: Don Hollingshead