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Note of Thanks to an Anonymous Cyclist

Ron Penner


I have to pass along a note of thanks to an anonymous cyclist who helped me finish the Pacific Populaire (50 km route) this past weekend, and describe the adventure that should never have happened.

Being in a hurry on Sunday Morning, I left my mini-tools (and even my spare tube and pump) on my winter bike, grabbed the road bike and headed off to the ride. (Small comfort that I can still think like an invincible teenager at the age of 44). I felt so good on the ride that I even had fun getting some air time off the speed bumps on the 37th Avenue bike route early in the route. My wife (Laura) and I got to the check point in good time, chowed down some banana loaf, and started back, thinking about nothing but making good overall time.

About 4 km later, I heard a pop out of the back of the bike, and got severe contact between tire and chain stays. A spoke had broken. Obviously, the speed bumps were a bad idea. I backed off the brake, no help. This event had DNF written all over it. Oh well, live and learn. We quickly discussed which route I would walk home, while Laura finished the event, grabbed the car and tracked me down.

As I was walking along the route, at least half the riders offered help, but when they heard that it was a broken spoke, they couldn't help much. Finally, after about 10 minutes of this, one of them (red and black Cramerotti - never got the name), turned back and pulled out a spoke wrench. We adjusted to the point where the wheel would spin freely and I was ready to go again.

Now came the hard part. Laura would be back at the car and heading straight for Westminster Highway to find me walking home. Not good. I had to catch her before she made it back. So, while he was still putting tools away, I said thanks once more, hopped on board, and cranked/wobbled off to play catch-up! Luckily, I did catch up with about 3 km to spare, and we ended up finishing the event with exactly the same time as last year.

So, another thank you to a helpful cyclist, and a generous nature.