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Harold Bridge


Eric Fergusson said something about what little we know of BCRCC's early years relies on reports in the less formal newsletters of the early days. Not all events were reported though and so there are gaps in our history.

Since 1944, and I apologise if this is repititious, I have been a member of the North Road Cycling Club in England. It was formed in 1895. Every month I get the North Road Gazette that contains reports on the Club's activities. 2003 January is numbered 1200. With it was a copy of Issue #1, dated January 1903! Much of the Club's first 17 years has been lost and what we do know about those early day was due to some of the original members retaining their memories.

Growing up in with that background has perhaps given me a better appreciation of the value of record keeping. But there are many good writers in our Club, there is no need for gaps in our history.