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New Years Day Populaire

Mike Poplawski


A happy new year to everyone from Victoria and the second annual BC Randonneurs New Years Day Populaire!

As it happened again, the weather was hung over from New Year's Eve, with the riders heading out in stormy weather, with good weather coming a day or two later. However, bad weather brings out the best in us, and we had a great time!

24 riders showing up to ride their bikes in the storm, a dozen of them coming from out of town.

Riders waiting patiently at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel while having a starting-line photograph taken for the second time, with a backdrop of ocean whitecaps off Oak Bay in the background (can anyone pass that photograph along to me?)

Many stories told at the finish at Christie's Carriage House, and, in particular, Melinda and Trent telling me their stories of the road that day (broken helmet, a "boat ride") and of life in the Carolinas and Seattle, and Charles Willi's heroic first randonneur ride of any kind (he certainly got his Canadian dollar's worth!)

I'm glad I was able to ride a little bit with some of you, and spend time at the finish with nearly all of you. Special thanks must go to our volunteers who made the best of a wet and chilly situation--I received a lot of praise for your efforts at the finish.

I hope you'll join us again for this delightful "resolution ride" and that you'll bring a friend next time!