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Lots and Lots of New Clothing

Danelle Laidlaw


It is time to spice up your duds - and we have lots of choices for you this year. By the time of the social (March 15), we will have a NEW JACKET in the BC jersey design (bumblebee). This is the second time we have offered jackets and the first time for this design.

We will also have a NEW JERSEY DESIGN - nicknamed "the goose", this will replace the old PetroCan design. For this first order only, we are requiring pre-payment and orders by March 28th, so that we can have the order in time for "the big one" - PBP.

We are also getting in new SHORTS and new BC JERSEYS. And we may even have some gloves later in the year, if sales go well.

"I just don't have anything to wear" will not cut it anymore. Give me a call for prices and sizes and we'll have you fully outfitted in no time - Danelle 604 737-0043 or dplaid @