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Lowlands 1000 km - All Controls
Ride Organizers (2010): Tracy Barill and Bob Koen


Day 1: Distance 367k to Camano Island return with 1800m climbing – maximum elevation of 211m. Destinations:
 - 833 Parker, White Rock
 - Lummi Market by Ferry 50k
 - Edison Bakery 101k
 - Stanwood 145k
 - Camano Island info control 175k
 - Camano Island Huttington’s Corner Store 205k
 - Mount Vernon 265k
 - Ferndale 327k
 - 833 Parker, White Rock (closing time 7:28 AM Sunday)
Link for Day 1: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/canada/bc/surrey/894128494043619764

Day 2: Distance 345k to Harrison Hot Springs and Hope return with 1300m climbing – maximum elevation 200m. Destinations:
 - Fort Langley 42k (closes at 1016 Sunday)
 - Mission 87.5
 - Nicomen Island info control 110k
 - Harrison Hot Springs 147k
 - Hope 191k
 - Pointa Vista Café 258k
 - Abbotsford 298k Tim Hortons
 - 833 Parker, White Rock (close at 0839 Monday AM)
Link for Day 2: http://www.mapmyride.com/route/canada/bc/surrey/741128496455066476

Day 3: Distance 191k to Concrete via Whatcom Lake with 1250m climbing – maximum elevation 210m. Destinations include:
 - Geneva and Lake Whatcom 60k (control closes at 1400 Monday afternoon) – Whatcom Falls Mini-Mart (530 Am to 11PM)
 - Sedro Woolley 104k
 - Concrete 145k
 - Sedro Woolley 182k
 - Kendall 232k
 - 833 Parker, White Rock, 294k
Link for Day 3 http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/canada/bc/surrey/139128496058662471



Additional notes from Ken Bonner from May 2011:


As per your request, from my best recall, these are some of the points on the cue sheets that caused me concern:

46.5 k –Control – reads, L, but is actually unnamed, and on the right (at least, it was the only one any of us could find)

98.2 -- Control – note that the Farm to Market Bakery is about 70 metres south past the Bread Shop

129.5 R onto Pioneer Hwy --- this highway is unsigned at this point. Perhaps the cue could read, at T & stop sign, turn right onto Pioneer Hwy (unsigned)

151.3 BL -- This mileage is correct for a Left turn onto some other road. Apparently, the mileage should be something different to go with the instruction. In fact, at the point one should ‘bear left’, there is a traffic light, and it would be better if the instruction said turn left. I spent some time at this second turn point, checking my gps – sure enough, even though the road changed name, it was the main road, and did in fact become S Camano Drive. I passed by the some of the other riders after the information control point, going in the opposite direction.

173.5 -- it would be nice to have a more obvious information control point, and question the sign being referred to was behind the rider (for those travelling in the correct direction)- perhaps it could say look at road behind you on the left

201.0 -- L on N Camano Drive --- the sign staring you in the face at the T junction states a different street name, however once turned left and around the corner, the road is named as an extension of N Camano Drive

207.9 I found the instruction confusing – was Stanwood Bryant Rd somewhere just across Hwy 532?, or just a little way up Hwy 532 – I looked for it all the way up to Hwy 9 --- even stopped at a gas station in Stanwood to get further directions. I think the instruction got cut off – probably should have read continue on Stanwood Bryant Rd after crossing UNDER Interstate 5

263.5 -- would have preferred the instruction to read something like ‘VR up ramp/slip road to Old Hwy 99 etc

264.0 good clear instruction, except there was no street name and then I came to a T junction with a Stop sign. Do I continue to turn right, or do I turn left? After considerable time studying my GPS map, I determined that I should make a left turn. An instruction stating turn left at the T junction would have been helpful

266.0 – no street sign name for S. Anacortes St.

305.9 Immediate left onto Alabama St from Yew St

Note – Somewhere around Birch Bay – Point Whitehorn Road, the road goes through a park. The park closes at 10:00 p.m. and is barricaded at both ends. I walked through dirt clogging my cleats in order to get around the barricades. Also, was waiting for the ‘park gestapo’ to run me down, but they didn’tJ

363.3 -- is there another access from Beach Road to Marine Drive other than the unmarked path and bridge that I found by accident? A clear instruction would be helpful

446.7 - L – Cemetery Road is unsigned. Also on a downhill, so easy to miss, particularly if your odometer is misreading.

472.1 -- add ‘ turn left at T junction with Nicoment Island Trunk Rd’ or add a separate cue for this junction

474.4 Control – mileage is incorrect for the Control intersection (my odometer mileage was correct for the turn onto Johnson; and again later for the turn back onto Hwy 7)

551.2 intersection of Hwy 7 & Hwy 1 --- perhaps an extra cue – follow signs to Hope on Hwy 1 and the correct compass direction according to the Hwy signs

622.2 -- Control closed before I got there. Also, not named Alta Vista, but something else Vista. The lady passing by quizzed me – the name of the Café was wrong and it was not Chilliwack Lake!! J

Additional Notes

--- enjoyed riding through Lynden and Concrete – never been there before.

--- start time should not have been changed from the 6:00 a.m. posted on the Club’s website, at least not without ensuring everyone knew about it. Three of us were ready to roll at 6:00 a.m., the other were having breakfast!

--- you could not have chosen a better start-finish location, nor such gracious ride organizers as Sigi and Leona

Hope this is helpful … Cheers … Ken

Ken Bonner